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actually writing blog: Day 15-17: and then this happened
2018-11-17 12:46 MST

So hey guess what happened on my ride home from Chicago? I GOT SICK. Fully symptomatic by the time I woke up in Denver. Guess what didn't happen Thursday? WRITING. Friday was also impacted. Alas. I go back and forth on whether to force myself to write w . . . .

actually writing blog: Day 14: surprise internet was not all that helpful actually
2018-11-14 10:43 MST

I thought Amtrak only offered mobile hotspots in the sleeper cars, but it turns out that the City of New Orleans typically sets one up behind the snack bar, too. So I spent most of my ride from New Orleans to Chicago ensconced at a cafe table. Working? Noo . . . .

actually writing blog: Days 10-13: moving the goalposts but not by all that much really
2018-11-13 09:40 MST

Welp, I did it. I broke my streak. I found an excuse that would not be denied, and that excuse was, "I'm tired." I'd been going non-stop since getting off the train Thursday. I got maybe three hours sleep Sunday night, not getting in from the various downt . . . .

actually writing blog: Day 9: i went to day 1 of WFTDA Champs and all i got you was this teal deer
2018-11-09 23:40 MST

This will be even briefer. It's going to be as "in with a technicality" as it gets. Today started at 6:30 AM and it's not quite over at midnight-thirty. I've driven to and fro across town several times and I've watched... four games? four games of roller d . . . .

actually writing blog: Day 8: but i'm really tired, do i have to
2018-11-08 22:50 MST

This will be brief. If it weren't NaNoWriMo and I hadn't challenged myself with doing all my writing tasks every day, no excuses, this blog post would not be. My excuse would be a damn good one. It would be, "Have you seen the day I had?" But it is NaNoWri . . . .

actually writing blog: Day 7: Late into Ottumwa means more time to write
2018-11-07 16:55 MST

Track shenanigans gave us delays on either side of the Ottumwa, Iowa station. I'm not sure precisely what that does to our estimated arrival into Chicago, but I know they're anticipating it'll be later than 4:00 PM because some passengers trying to make a . . . .

actually writing blog: Day 6: Recreational and involuntary poll watching
2018-11-06 17:42 MST

This blog post comes to you LIVE from Denver Union Station, where the author is waiting to board her train, and a significant portion of the population of the city and county of Denver is waiting patiently to vote. Wait time is currently reported as being . . . .

actually writing blog: Days 3-5: In which we arrive, share some good news, and make plans to depart once more
2018-11-05 23:57 MST

So remember when I said that my first pro sale, "First Breath," would be on the Tales To Terrify podcast this year sometime only I had no idea when? Well, it's up now! It went up on October 12 in Episode 350, and you can listen to it here. I had the weird . . . .

actually writing blog: Day 2: In which we complete the day's final requirements in an environment that is hardly compatible with work an' stuff
2018-11-03 01:02 MDT

Ahoy. This blog post comes to you live from Loaded Joe's in Avon, where Friday Nights mean Karaoke with Sandman. I brought the tail end of my work day here--ok, well, I admit it, I brought most of my work day here. At least half. Which means typing and sin . . . .

actually writing blog: NaNoWriMo Day 1: Introducing the Rebel Report
2018-11-01 23:51 MDT

It's November 1! Everyone around these here bloggish parts knows what that means, right? Pardon me while I commit derivative doggerel: Remember, remember, the first of November: Character, story and plot; It's now Wrimo season, so now there's no reason t . . . .

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