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actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, April 22-23: Intel acquired under the table
2017-04-22 12:14 MDT

Ahoy! I have insider information about this weekend's blockades. Well, about one blockade. On the Cerulean Ocean, I received this request from a hearty who happens to be King of the flag Undertow--yeah, that's right, I'm dropping names of royalty here-- . . . .

actually writing blog: sponsor a skater for earth day
2017-04-22 00:25 MDT

My roller derby league is having an Earth Day event where we skate a large portion of the distance from Boulder to Denver, picking up trash as we go. We put the Fun in Community Service Fun! And you can sponsor us as we do it, supporting roller derby in Bo . . . .

actually writing blog: what writers can learn from a sack of angry raccoons
2017-04-19 23:53 MDT

So apparently Chuck Wendig and I have something in common, and that's a birthday in the back end of April. (Also we're both writers, but I would like to stop the comparison there before it becomes too depressing. I mean, what have I published in the last 5 . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, April 15-16: You make bath time lots of fun...
2017-04-15 13:09 MDT

Ahoy and happy Saturday! On Puzzle Pirates this weekend we got a whoooooole buncha blockades to play in, the majority of them starting during the noon-o-clock hour on the Emerald Ocean, and the majority of those involving notorious troublemakers Rubber Duc . . . .

actually writing blog: we pause for health and wellness (also sleep)
2017-04-15 01:26 MDT

So the Friday Fictionette for April 14 will be out on April 15 instead, which is practically on time considering the last few months. And yes, I know what I said about how promising a due date means I'll miss that due date, but this time it's a sure thing. . . . .

actually writing blog: brief interlude with mirlitons
2017-04-12 23:40 MDT

Hi! I have a recipe for you today. Or, rather, I have a food experience which you may, if you wish, convert into a recipe of your very own. Basically, it starts with mirlitons. I have gone mirliton-crazy as only a homesick New Orleanian can go. My grandmo . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette is running late and is missing its keys
2017-04-12 01:13 MDT

OK. OK! The Friday Fictionette for April 7 is out; it's "The Only Winning Move...," and you can probably finish that quote. Right? Maybe not. War Games was almost 35 years ago. Anyway, that link goes straight to the ebook edition, which is for Patrons at t . . . .

actually writing blog: did i say monday?
2017-04-10 22:09 MDT

So today turned into unexpected Bout Weekend Recovery Day. See you tomorrow.

actually writing blog: still behind the eight-ball but getting closer
2017-04-07 22:26 MDT

Delays continue. Also, this is happening tomorrow. Sunday isn't looking too good either. Service will resume when conditions improve. Look, I'm going to go out on a limb and say Monday. Monday! I can Monday! Monday is a verb describing an action I am theo . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, April 1-2: Gnomebody knows the punnage i've seen
2017-04-01 13:04 MDT

Good morning and happy Saturday! Have a blockade schedule. It is moderately active with start times to suit most time zones and schedules. It is, of course, April 1, or as it is commonly known, April Fools Day. Your chronicler tends to celebrate that fest . . . .

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