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actually writing blog: needs must when the leftovers squawk and the freezer is so full it squeals
2021-07-20 22:32 MDT

If there is a theme to this food-bloggity post, it is Creative Ways to Use Up Foodstuffs That Need Using Up. For instance, I'm a member of the 63rd St. Farm CSA, and I bought the chicken and pork add-ons to add on to my half-share of veggies. And by some a . . . .

actually writing blog: it's release day and i'm all hype
2021-07-06 21:33 MDT

Hello, the blog! Have I got some news for you! Today is July 6, and July 6 is release day for Apex Magazine #124. Check out that gorgeous cover art. Check out those contributor names! (How did I end up in such astounding company?) So the way Apex does it . . . .

actually writing blog: views of both the re- and the inter- variety
2021-05-27 21:44 MDT

Hey y'all! It's been a FULL week, a week very much full of things--most of them good! if ultimately tiring!--but I think I can sneak half an hour to blog about some fun stuff surrounding my latest poetry publication. Y'all remember that my poem "Apotheosi . . . .

actually writing blog: in which i help you catch me in reruns
2021-05-19 22:13 MDT

Heyyyy! Two blog posts in two days--spiffy. And I'm doing this even though I'm already over my five hours of writing and writing-related tasks for the day, and is telling me that I've surpassed 8,000 words. It's cool. Like I said yesterday, s . . . .

actually writing blog: The Friday Fictionette Round-up for March 2021. Also bunny zooms.
2021-05-18 23:19 MDT

Huh. So, the last time I blogged here, it was to say "Sorry, PT robbed me of productivity, but here's the latest Friday Fictionette round-up at least." Welp, same message, different month. Physical therapy robbed me of less productivity today, though, bec . . . .

actually writing blog: The Friday Fictionette Round-up for February 2021
2021-04-20 23:21 MDT

Today isn't happening. There comes a time when I have to admit that today, as a productive writing work day, isn't happening. That time probably should have been somewhat sooner than ten-thirty at night, but here we are. But I said I was gonna do the Frida . . . .

actually writing blog: the latest Friday Fictionette: "A Separate World"
2021-04-19 21:16 MDT

The Friday Fictionette nominally scheduled for March 12, 2021 (I've been running behind a bit) is "A Separate World", in which the divide is very stark. The Friday Fictionette project is a short-short story subscription service powered by Patreon. See mor . . . .

actually writing blog: looking for empowerment in an out-of-control world
2021-03-25 21:56 MDT

So, my brain's a mess. It's a mess for a lot of reasons. At least one of them has made the national news--though I am fortunate to be only indirectly affected, which is to say, I live in Boulder, so it hit close to home, but I wasn't in or near the store a . . . .

actually writing blog: the work goes slowly but nevertheless it goes
2021-03-18 21:11 MDT

Food content in today's blog post is going to be minimal because I'm in the middle of revisions, and revisions are hard, and I'm going to whine about that. Also there isn't much to say about the food, beyond that 1. if you're going to substitute oysters f . . . .

actually writing blog: got a shucking knife, not afraid to use it
2021-03-16 19:29 MDT

Writing content in this blog post will be minimal. THE OYSTERS HAVE ARRIVED and I'm a little obsessed. You remember, right? The mail-order oysters I mentioned splurging on? Yeah. They showed up today. And I have successfully shucked and eaten a few of the . . . .

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Recently Published

2021-07-06: "Survival, After" in Apex Magazine

Please enjoy Issue #124 of Apex Magazine, which includes my story "Survival, After" (available on the website 8/3/2021). Buy the issue or become a Patron of Apex for immediate access the entire table of contents.

2021-04-22: "Apotheosis" in The Future Fire

Please enjoy Issue #57 of The Future Fire, featuring my poem "Apotheosis".

"Apotheosis" was originally published in the Summer Solstice 2019 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer.

2021-01-08: "Reasonable Accommodations" in Departure Mirror Quarterly

You can download Issue 2 (for free!) from this page.

2020-09-30: "The Ascent of Inanna (poem)" in Dreams & Nightmares

Issue #116 (September 2020) has been mailed to all subscribers and contributors. You can get a PDF of this or any issue for a dollar, PayPal to

2020-09-23: "The Soup Witch's Funeral Dinner" in Cast of Wonders

In Episode 431: "Little Wonders - Old Ladies". Narrated by Adam Pracht.

Also in that episode: C. M. DiGirolamo's "Grandma Geraldine Sees a Dragon". Narrated by Cheyenne Wright.

2020-06-19: "The Mardi Gras Tree" in Eternal Haunted Summer

Please enjoy the Summer Solstice 2020 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer, featuring my poem, "The Mardi Gras Tree."

2020-05-04: "One Story, Two People" in Community of Magic Pens

Order your copy of the anthology here. And don't forget to download a free copy of the multilingual Magic Pens poster!

2020-04-07: "The Rarest of Prey" in Daily Science Fiction

Read it here. (It's only 102 words--it won't take you long.)

2019-12-27: "Lambing Season" in Tales to Terrify

Click here for the show notes and download link for Tales to Terrify episode 413, featuring my story, "Lambing Season", as read by Summer Brooks.

2019-12-21: "Hold the Door" in Eternal Haunted Summer

Please enjoy the Winter Solstice 2019 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer! My poem, "Hold the Door," appears here. And don't miss these words from the editor.

2019-11-01: "At Night, the Dead" in Sycorax

Please enjoy Sycorax Journal #4 (Fall 2019), in which appears my poem, "At Night, the Dead".

2019-10-31: "Your Disembodied Friends Would Like To Remind You" in The Macabre Museum

The inaugural issue of The Macabre Museum, in which appears my poem "Your Disembodied Friends Would Like to Remind You", is available for ebook purchase at Patrons of The Macabre Museum can download the issue directly from Patreon or view its contents in the Musem proper (password requiered).

2019-08-05: "First Breath" in Terror at 5280'

"First Breath" has been reprinted online as part of the run-up to the release of Terror at 5280', the Denver Horror Collective's new local horror fiction anthology. Read it here.

(To clarify: My story appears only on the website; it will not appear in the anthology itself. My apologies for the misleading header on this item; it's automatically generated by combining the manuscript title with the publication it was submitted to.)