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actually writing blog: rejections += 1 (yay) and so do submissions
2019-04-26 23:57 MDT

I got a rejection letter today! That makes four of the one hundred I want to acquire in 2019, and the first in response to the avalanche of daily manuscript submissions I began sending out mid-April. It's working, it's working! Meanwhile, Hi. I'm in a hot . . . .

actually writing blog: more story submissions than you can shake a reject-o-stick at
2019-04-24 22:56 MDT

This, for once, is not a whiny post! This is a post where I say, Yay! I did a thing! I'm perpetually behind on the Friday Fictionette project, I've hardly blogged at all this year, and I'm still working on the same infuriating short story revision about wh . . . .

actually writing blog: what does not kill me yadda yadda yadda
2019-04-03 23:57 MDT

This is not an actually writing blog post. It's more of a not actually writing post. Or at least writing very little. I'm getting to my daily freewriting, at least, but what's the point of that if I'm not converting the resulting story ideas into, y'know, . . . .

actually writing blog: your daily dose of me stating the obvious
2019-04-02 23:58 MDT

I am contemplating a short story rewrite. I originally wrote the story in response to a specific prompt in the submission guidelines of a themed quarterly publication. I submitted it; they rejected it; we move on. I rewrote it before submitting it elsewhe . . . .

actually writing blog: even if the author has nothing much to blog about
2019-04-01 23:28 MDT

Hello from the drained-brain part of the evening! Which is to say, the post-derby portion of the night. I don't have a lot to report, writing-wise, and I'm sore and exhausted and not doing the words thing too good right now, but what the hell. It's Monday. . . . .

actually writing blog: bam, just like that
2019-03-30 20:36 MDT

And now everything's working again. No more broken bits. Bam. I'm not even sure the actual code had anything to do with it. I only changed one "mysql_connect" to "mysqli_connect", and I think I actually changed it back. Which isn't to say I shouldn't move . . . .

actually writing blog: i seem to have a web page again
2019-03-30 13:50 MDT

This just in: I am successfully drawing info from the database again. I finally, finally, after three honking months, sat down to reteach myself PHP/MySQL code via the tutorial. Apparently a huge portion of the code I used to create all my w . . . .

actually writing blog: reporting from the unexpectedly lengthened road
2019-03-18 22:00 MDT

The train station in Raton, New Mexico is little more than a tiny waiting room cared for by dedicated WWII veterans who really, really, really want to help you with your luggage. (Honestly, the gentleman offering to take my suitcase looked like he could ea . . . .

actually writing blog: quick, look over there at that convenient distraction
2019-03-11 22:00 MDT

The actually writing blog is still broken because for three months I haven't been able to find the wherewithal to investigate what spontaneously went wrong with the code I hadn't touched in, like, ever. Probably some PHP or MYSQL upgrade I neglected to pre . . . .

actually writing blog: a recipe for spur-of-the-moment dirty rice, presented in second person POV because that's what it sounds like in my head when i talk to myself
2019-01-02 22:00 MST

Defrost and begin browning a pound of sausage. You've still got a few pounds left in the freezer. You always bought it five or ten pounds at a time, and you're glad of that now, because you're not likely to get the opportunity to buy any again, not this sa . . . .

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