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actually writing blog: still hard even when it's a different kind of hard
2019-06-18 23:36 MDT

Let's talk interactive fiction. Do I know what I'm talking about when I talk about interactive fiction? Hell, no. But I'm trying to learn, because there's a story I've been wanting to submit to Sub-Q for, like, ever, and they're open to submissions right n . . . .

actually writing blog: confessions of an epicurean nature
2019-06-13 23:42 MDT

So I'm in the bath right now. This is the sort of thing you find out about me when you read my blog. Sometimes, when I'm too cold, too tired, too reluctant or too neurotic--tonight it's the "too tired" case because of roller derby scrimmage--in order to wr . . . .

actually writing blog: piece of childhood reclaimed or something like that
2019-06-11 23:41 MDT

I've been writing poems again. It feels good. I used write poems a lot when I was in school. I mean, elementary school. When I was wee. Maybe that was the problem--as I got older, I associated the writing of poems with the production of the specific calib . . . .

actually writing blog: the struggle is real (more real on some days than others)
2019-06-10 23:59 MDT

OK so I didn't Do All The Things on Friday. And that was disappointing. Having found a strategy that worked for three days running, it was discouraging to just fail on the fourth day. And it was a day when, supposedly, I had all the time in the world... bu . . . .

actually writing blog: add-on benefits of a daily manuscript submission practice
2019-06-06 23:18 MDT

Today is Day Three of Doing All the Things On Time. More importantly, it's Day 37 (counting weekdays only) of Submitting a Manuscript Every Weekday. And besides that one acceptance (so far) and the accelerated progress toward my goal of 100 rejections in 2 . . . .

actually writing blog: but why is this only paying off now and not like three years ago
2019-06-05 20:47 MDT

Today I want to talk about short story revision. But first: check it out, two days in a row of successful adulting! That's a surprise. Usually, after a day as successful as yesterday, I crash and burn; the pressure of having to live up to the previous day . . . .

actually writing blog: adulting like a boss (is the exception not the rule)
2019-06-04 23:56 MDT

What I really want to do with tonight's blog post is celebrate finally having completed a workday checklist from bottom to top. All my writing tasks, done, plus a few more household tasks besides. It's been a very long time since I managed that feat. Me an . . . .

actually writing blog: according to plan
2019-06-03 23:30 MDT

Today I had two submission responses that had arrived over the weekend waiting for me to log them during today's Submissions Procedures session. However, I only got to add one rejection to the year's tally. That's because I appear to have sold a poem. Wh . . . .

actually writing blog: why i do this to myself
2019-05-28 23:59 MDT

Today I rediscovered why I keep plugging away at the Friday Fictionette project. There've been times when I've wondered exactly that. The project has certainly been an additional source of stress, especially when I get behind schedule (and some aspects of . . . .

actually writing blog: still collecting those merit badges
2019-05-27 23:57 MDT

And, more than a month later, another blog post. Hi. Please rest assured that my streak of daily story submissions (for weekday values of "daily") has continued unabated through the radio silence. I am up to 33 submissions and 14 rejections for 2019. In Ma . . . .

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