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actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, December 16-17: The island transfer that might not be; the island opening to come
2017-12-16 13:33 MST

Ahoy! As scheduled some time ago, this weekend will feature the second blockade ever on the Obsidian Ocean. It'll be at noon on Triplet's Treasure--see below. (I finally updated my database this morning, so Obsidian blockades will show up in the schedule w . . . .

actually writing blog: this fictionette forgot that writing doesn't prompt itself
2017-12-15 23:34 MST

The Friday Fictionette release for December 15 is up and available for your perusal. It's called "The Youth Fairy." Here's the ebook and audiobook links for $1/month and $3/month patrons, respectively; here's a little teaser for the rest of everybody. Thi . . . .

actually writing blog: the rest of the story about the other story sale; also the whole story about this solstice
2017-12-15 00:33 MST

Regular readers of this blog will remember me making happy yet vague noises recently about having sold two stories for reprint. I was finally able to share more information about one of them Tuesday night, the publisher having given me permission that day . . . .

actually writing blog: a reminder that gamification exists to serve the writer, not vice versa
2017-12-14 00:31 MST

So I've been praising 4thewords to the heavens, but I haven't mentioned, possibly because I hadn't been acutely aware of them until recently, its detrimental effects. Welllll, "detrimental effects" is putting it a little strongly. It's more that the RPG qu . . . .

actually writing blog: "So, uh, who wants some cake?"
2017-12-12 23:48 MST

Because Aubergine of Metafilter might need a little help eating all that cake. I had happy news of my own to share tonight, and I still do, but the news out of Alabama right now takes, um, all 40 cakes. I mean. I just. I-- (be right back.) *Running foot . . . .

actually writing blog: in praise of new high-powered tools and toys
2017-12-11 20:58 MST

It's here. The new computer is here. I'm using it now. And it's amazing. I tried to overload it. I've got three windows of Firefox up, one with some 90 tabs open. I've got Chrome running. I've got LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets ticking away. I've got . . . .

actually writing blog: YPP Weekend Blockades, December 9-10: Looking ahead across the weeks to come
2017-12-09 13:14 MST

Ahoy and happy Saturday! Time to job some pirates, staff some stations, and fire some canons, 'cuz we got blockades. Click that link or just scroll down to see the full schedule. Well, the full schedule minus Obsidian. And on that note, I should remind yo . . . .

actually writing blog: but this fictionette would like to sleep in once in a while
2017-12-08 23:47 MST

Happy Friday! The latest Friday Fictionette is out; it's "Come Home to Roost" (teaser excerpt for everyone, ebook and audiobook links for Patrons). It's about the possible consequences of committing origami while drunk. It is also tangentially about the po . . . .

actually writing blog: so you make new happy memories to override the old ones that hurt
2017-12-07 22:51 MST

"Blackbird" came home yesterday with rejection note in hand. I sent it back out on its way again today. That's what you do. It's going to be hard to place, I know--not only is it a story with a writer protagonist, but it's a story whose writer protagonist . . . .

actually writing blog: writing tomorrow's words today (because that Einang isn't going to defeat itself)
2017-12-06 21:52 MST

So there was this neat thing that happened at the end of yesterday's writing task list, and it's another 4thewords thing, and I know, I know it's starting to sound like I'm turning this blog into one big continuous 4thewords advertisement, but I am going t . . . .

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